How It Works

When you sign up to The Little Reading Club you receive a selection of  carefully selected books for your child. You just select your package, how long you want to subscribe for and we do the rest! 

For every new subscription, we donate books to The Doorstep Library, a charity that goes out and reads to children that may not normally have access to books.

Step 1

Choose your package

We have individual packages for one child or you can buy our family package of three books for different ages.

Step 2

Choose your subscription length

Choose from a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscription.

Step 3

Get your package!

You'll get your Little Reading Club package in the post. We also ship internationally.

Here's what some of our tribe think about us, read some of our reviews!

Yolanda, Indonesia

'Everything is great from The Little Reading Club. My kids love getting their books from you.'

Arielle, New York

'I just got my package and absolutely love it! All three books are fantastic choices but I'm especially excited about 'How to Hide a Lion at School!' I love the individual wrapping of each book, it's just like a little present!'

Jenny, UK

'Our April parcel from The Little Reading Club arrived today and somebody knows it's for them...LOVING the books and the wrapping!'

Alison, Scotland

'Loving these books from The Little Reading Club. If you don't already follow them please take a look. This is such a nice thing for little ones to get through the post every month!! Lots of books I would never know about plus lots of classics!'

Katerina, India

'My best childhood memories involve reading with my Mom. I hope this will become a great memory for Shannon too. Our new favourite books are from The Little Reading Club, 'Flat Zoo' and 'Thats's Not My Lamb'. Great sensory books for your infant collection.'

Join the little reading tribe today!

Joining The Little Reading Club couldn't be easier and more enjoyable, after all, who wouldn't want to receive the magic of books through the post every month!