Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Little Reading Club package?

The Little Reading Club package is a selection of carefully selected books, personally wrapped and delivered to your door every month. You can choose from tiny and young readers and get 3 books every month or try our family readers and receive a package for mixed ages. The choice is yours! 

How does it work?

Your parcels arrive once month and are shipped on or around the 20th of every month. If you choose our monthly plan, you'll be charged automatically on the day you sign up. After that you'll be billed on the 30th of every month. If you choose the 3 or 6 month plans you'll pre-pay for the whole period at the time you sign up. After that it will automatically renew for the same amount of time. 

Can I cancel my membership?

We really hope you don't want to but if you feel the need to cancel you can do so at any time, no questions asked. Just drop us an email at or you can log into your account yourself and do it online. 

Are you ready to subscribe to our tribe?

Joining The Little Reading Club couldn't be easier and more enjoyable, after all, who wouldn't want to receive the magic of books through the post every month? By sending the wonderful gift of books through the post we want to help parents to INVEST in their children's future. NURTURE children through their childhood. STIMULATE children's imaginations. ENCOURAGE  children to go out there, take on the world and be the best that they can be. So what are you waiting for, get started today!