The little tribe who read the books

A little bit about us

The Little Reading Club team includes me, Catherine, mum to three boys and a small army of book crazy people that help along the way. These people make up our reading panel who along with me, read all the books that go into our parcels to ensure that we are only sending you the best books. The panel is made up of mums and dads, grandparents, teachers, a child psychologist and of course lots of children!

We've always read to our children, waking up time, breakfast time, play time, bath time, bed time - any time. There was never a better excuse for a snuggle up together with a good book! In fact we could have opened our own library we had and still have, that many books! 

We've made it our mission, to make sure that children have the opportunity to read and that as a nation it is our duty to ‘raise readers’.

We are an eco-friendly company and everything in our parcels are recyclable. We want our customers to recycle with us, not just our packaging but also the books you receive. Once your child has outgrown the books please recycle them by passing them onto your friends, donating them to your local library, school or charity shop. You can also send them back to us and we'll send them on to our supporting charity 'Doorstep Library.'T